IDNO provides resources to faith communities to address the unmet needs of members living with such impairments as mental illness, including but not limited to depression, anxiety disorders, schizophrenia and bipolar disorders.

IDNO has sponsored conferences and workshops on a wide variety of mental health issues. It also hosts interfaith services of hope for people with mental illness and their families within various houses of worship.


  • Worship resources
  • Advisory services
  • Referrals to local support agencies
  • Speakers Bureau focusing on spirituality and mental wellness
  • Training seminars
  • Clergy education
  • Events

IDNO began helping people with mental illness reconnect with their religious organization by hosting a series of pilot groups throughout Oregon. At each session, clergy were invited to discuss their experience with people with mental health issues, as well as indicate what they might need to be more responsive to their communities. By openly discussing their concerns, these religious leaders were able to provide support to one another, learn from IDNO about resources in their communities, and define what information would be helpful to them to better engage the most vulnerable community members. From these pilot groups, IDNO was able to better realize the need and respond to it by planning workshops and conferences, among other events.

IDNO also hosted a successful week-long series of workshops featuring the Rev. Craig Rennebohm of Seattle, author of Souls in the Hand of a Tender God. With clergy, lay leaders, and individuals with mental illness and their families in attendance, Rev. Rennebohm guided us on how each of us can be a more welcoming religious community to those who often feel ostracized and excluded, including homeless people with mental illness. He provided guidance on ways to engage people with mental illness, support their families, and assure the safety of everyone while meeting the often unvoiced needs of people with mental illness. This series of workshops was well-represented by religious leaders from many faiths, and was evaluated by those in attendance as a wonderful event.