My name is Diana Keever and I have Cerebral Palsy and use a service dog.  My experience with being accepted at church has been somewhat mixed.  Most people accept me and my service dog with no problem.  But, there are always some people who have issues with me because they don’t see me as more than just a disabled person.  I’m a person who happens to be disabled, but there is much more to me than that.  I don’t always want to discuss my disability.  When I’m at church, I want to talk about other things and discuss things of God.  I like to joke around with my friends like everyone else.  I don’t take life as seriously as some people may think.  I’m more than my disability and some people have trouble seeing beyond that.

Another issue I have is that service dogs are working dogs and some people don’t understand that.  They want to pet and love on the dogs and that’s not always acceptable.

Mostly my experiences at church have been good ones.  I have a lot of good friends there and I attend a regular Bible study class where I am treated like an equal.

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