The Interfaith Disabilities Network of Oregon activates the resources of faith communities to welcome, celebrate, and include the contributions of every person with a disability.

About IDNO
Since 2003, the Interfaith Disabilities Network of Oregon (IDNO) has served as a hub for a diverse array of faith organizations to come together for one shared purpose: to ensure people with disabilities are included and welcomed within their spiritual communities.
Among IDNO members are concerned individuals from various traditions hoping to do three things:

  1. Help people with disabilities find a more enthusiastic welcome in whichever religious community they wish to associate with
  2. Educate religious communities on how to recognize the gifts of people with disabilities
  3. How to help create a more enthusiastic welcome for people with disabilities.

Among the millions of people who have disabilities, many have spiritual needs that are not being met. In many instances they cannot physically get into the front door of their church, synagogue, temple, mosque, or meeting house. Or when they are able, they may still face barriers of attitude, communication, programming, or many other architectural barriers.

In the experience of many individuals experiencing life with a disability, well-meaning congregants and faith leaders have not known how to be inclusive of their neighbors who require physical, developmental or mental health accommodations. More can be done so that people with disabilities can experience a true and equitable sense of belonging, participation, and validation in their faith community.

IDNO is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization serving people with disabilities and their families, denominational groups, individual congregations, as well as a wide variety of support professionals and allied service agencies.

Our website contains information regarding useful resources, upcoming events of interest, connections to local support networks, and links to other allied organizations. If you have questions about our organization, suggestions about additional resources we may want to offer, or have an interest in becoming a member, please e-mail us at