NEWS FLASH!    The US Senate has now passed the ABLE Act, allowing people who qualified with a disability by the age of 26, to have a special savings account of up to $100,000 without affecting public benefits such as SSI. The new law, which permits up to $14,000 to be added each year, allows people with disabilities to have a tax-free ABLE savings account for their benefit, including savings for education, purchase of a home, employment supports, training, medical needs, and other benefits. While the date of implementation has not been announced, this is a terrific change in the law, which previously prevented anyone from having more than $2,000 in assets in their name.  This is the most important change in disabilities law since the original Americans with Disabilities Act passed in 1990.

Sunday, Oct 5, 2014, see the film “Unlisted” at the Clinton Street Theater, 2:00PM. The film is a documentary on schizophrenia and will be followed by a Question and Answer session after.
Suggested donation: $5.

Tuesday, Oct. 14, 2014, Community Connections will be held at the Doubletree Lloyd Center, beginning at 5PM.  This community-wide event is open to the public, though reservations are required.  Contact 503 261-1266, ext 187  for reservations.

IDNO is pleased to announce it’s new Board of Directors and Officers:
Kris Moore and Patricia Kepler, Co-Presidents
Cynthia Wilkins, Vice President
Bruce Strade, Treasurer
Corinne Spiegel, Secretary

In their second year of service are:
Dorothy Coughlin
Diana Keever
Patricia Kepler
Rev. Janine Delaunay
Corinne Spiegel
Rev. Bruce Strade

In their first of 2-years of service are:
Kiersi Coleman
Rhonda Eppelsheimer
Mona Fuerstenau
Kris Moore
Cindy Wilkins